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DENNIS ZINK: How to transform your inside sales process – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

DENNIS ZINK: Customer experience and your digital strategy

DENNIS ZINK: Nine new year business resolutions for 2019

DENNIS ZINK: Workdays Revisited, Part 2: Wood Floors

DENNIS ZINK: Workdays Revisited, Part 1, pies and health care

DENNIS ZINK: Proof of the importance of Social Proof

DENNIS ZINK: Dinosaurs and geckos

DENNIS ZINK: Credit strategies for entrepreneurs revealed – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

DENNIS ZINK: Replacement theory in practice

Maybe it’s time to quit your day job – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

DENNIS ZINK: You can apply for a free business consultation

DENNIS ZINK: Prepare early for leaving your business

DENNIS ZINK: Introducing the Exit Strategy Canvas

DENNIS ZINK: Are you expanding too fast?

ZINK: Fourteen barriers to entry for startups

DENNIS ZINK: SCORE mentors trained not to tell you that your idea is stupid

DENNIS ZINK: Letters of intent and non-disclosure agreements

DENNIS ZINK: Why you need to understand the due diligence process – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

DENNIS ZINK: Giving back to your community is good for business

DENNIS ZINK: All is fair in love and war and business – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Harness greed and fear with knowledge – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Accountability is your competitive advantage

ZINK: Promotion, place and new customers

DENNIS ZINK: My two cents on pricing – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

DENNIS ZINK: Which wolf will you feed?

DENNIS ZINK: The gig economy and your business

How to build relationship equity using social media

ZINK: Your second chance to make a first impression

ZINK: The unwritten rules for using email effectively

ZINK: Are you ever too old to start a business?

ZINK: Getting funding and mentoring are keys to success

DENNIS ZINK: How to provide a good user experience

ZINK: Why Google will be king of the world

ZINKl: 10 steps to maximizing the payoff from selling a small business

ZINK: The worst mistake I ever made – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Getting the most into and out of a sales funnel – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Timing and 90 tips to improve a startup’s chance for success

ZINK: Social media marketing secrets

DENNIS ZINK: Marketing your business via text and email

ZINK: Expert tips on getting started buying and selling on eBay – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: The benefits of ‘phantom stock’ can be real

ZINK: An insider’s view of owning a franchise

ZINK: Should you consider licensing agreements for your intellectual property? – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Nine effective ways to spend $1,000 marketing your business

ZINK: Hiring the right people: the talent-management cycle

ZINK: What’s in a name? Approximately everything

Taglines help make your product and company memorable – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Logos and other branding for your product or business

ZINK: Content is the voice of your company

ZINK: Do the right thing – ethics in your business

ZINK: 12 rules of profit and selling a small business – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Is your business going to pot ?

A ‘zero-draft’ business plan for new and in-business clients

When not being No. 1 makes you a winner – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: The ‘Art of War’ revisited – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Thank you for your service — now what?

ZINK: You don’t know what you don’t know – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: A few words about sex and the work place

ZINK: Play golf and tennis to build business relationships

ZINK: Guerilla marketing is about big profits from your small business – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: Using Google My Business is a no brainer

ZINK: Linkedin Groups fantastic, and enough of them still are active

ZINK: Gray is the new gold

ZINK: Calling all angels: Facts on raising capital – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: What does it take to be in the top 1 percent?

Conducting exit interviews that are worth doing

ZINK: Use onboarding for quick productivity and happier employees – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: How your business can achieve brilliant branding

ZINK: Hurricane preparedness for your business — post Irma

ZINK: The 10 business questions that can make business less difficult

ZINK: Business owner’s Cool School trains quality employees – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Making connections is vital — just ask the ‘Dunkin group’ – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

A tool for buyers and sellers of small businesses

ZINK: How to use crowdsourcing in your business – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

The wisdom of Steve Jobs

Chances are you are overpaying your phone bills – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Using brainstorming and other group-think activities – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Employee compensation factors to consider – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Do your company’s practices commit age discrimination?

ZINK: Should you consider crowdfunding? – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

For promotional brochures, there’s an easier way

Should you be tweeting? – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

ZINK: How a buyer might rate your small business – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Seasonal slowdown and some suggested solutions 

DENNIS ZINK: 28 favorite nuggets of small-business wisdom

Online or Flatline: Coaxing search results to do your bidding

The ins and outs of independent contractors – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

Small business owners are more optimistic

What entrepreneurial leaders do well

Maximizing Facebook advertising returns on investment

Don’t let ICE put the heat on you – News – Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Sarasota, FL

10 trends that may disrupt businesses

The secrets to using LinkedIn successfully

Do you have what it takes to be a successful leader? 

China will help U.S. companies find a market there

How your small company can compete with larger ones 

Best apps for your business?

Employee-engagement crisis calls for leadership change

What you should know about your customer relationships and touch points

What is your value proposition?

BUSINESS SCORE CARD: Reputation Management and how to clean up online dirt

10 profitable things that require zero talent

Pruning your hedges and business expenses

Are you prepared for negotiating and deal-making?

BUSINESS SCORE CARD: Reputation Management and how to clean up online dirt

Are you ‘sickly competitive’? You might have what it takes.

10 new-year business resolutions

Where is your business in its life cycle?

Knowing customers’ needs even if they don’t

To be a successful leader, work to improve your EQ

Use small business credit to fuel your growth

Is your business based on success formulas?

Dipping a toe into the ‘Shark Tank’

Make Facebook engaging and other social media secrets

Insulate your business against risk

Social media panel: tips, trends and impact

The ‘I’ word and cash flow

In marketing, know your target

What does ‘good money’ mean to you?

DENNIS ZINK: When profit margins decay

Problems and the ostrich syndrome

The beauty of recurring revenue streams

Half billion available in Sarasota County contracts

The business of buying and selling businesses

Business insurance you need to understand

31 business mistakes and their remedies

What beats innovation? Execution.

Transferring business risks with insurance

Cash is king; keep it flowing

What to centralize and decentralize when scaling

Has market momentum got you down?

Don’t let fear make you fail for not trying

Is it possible to bring the jobs back?

Let’s chat about exit strategies for your business

Is it better to be first or second to market?

Rethink Red Tape – a new regulatory reform movement

A product is not a business

Eight sales strategies for success

Information overload and Rolling Wave Planning

Toyland for entrepreneurs

An education in lean startup practices

Password managers can make life easier

Connecting dots to improve products and services

The four-way test and Rotary International

How to value a new business

Entrepreneurs older, more diverse, less female

Why employees quit

Borrowing lessons from the gorillas of branding

It takes all types to operate a company

The new New Economy and what it means

A one-page business plan for your company

16 unique employee benefits

Where will the growth come from?

Your most pressing business concern

5 dirty little secrets of Obamacare

Are you pricing your products for profit?

Is filing a patent worthwhile?

The death of brick and mortar

How to best use your 24/7

Let’s talk about how to innovate

Is an LLC right for my business?

60 profitability tips for small businesses

The mistakes small-business owners make

Should you pay yourself first?

Communicating effectively in the workplace – Part 2

Communicating well in workplaces, Part 1

How to handle business overload

Simple market research, with polling

Fido and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Zink reveals secrets of his good PR

Business SCORE card: The growing influence of millennials

Limiting consequences – the unintended kind

BUSINESS SCORE CARD: You can take your ‘Elevator Speech’ to the top floor

Show your best at trade shows

Wellness programs good for everyone

BUSINESS SCORE CARD: Networking tips for conventions

When business and home mix

Zink: Getting access to money for your great idea

In crisis, how do you handle media?

Business owners’ tax-saving strategies

The latest in small office equipment

Partnerships are not just for business partners

Project management: On time, below budget

How to succeed at leading change at a small business

What is a non-profit and do you want one?

Is your timing right? Tips from SCORE mentors

What to know about OSHA and safety at your business

Be a master of your business’ numbers

Employee engagement and reducing turnover

As many solutions as there are conflicts

Public speaking tips: Transform your fear into energy

Decisions: making and influencing them

There’s planning, and then there’s strategic planning

Business pilots know a checklist can prevent a crash

There’s help to reach a world of customers

How can I know if my website is doing its job?

Generational differences in the workplace, Part 2

Dealing with 5 working generations at one time

Why content is king of website marketing

Cost versus control, and how to outsource

‘Shark Tank’ lessons for all you minnows

In this game of cards, no shortage of aces

Business’ success is a question of balance

When and how to say, ‘You’re fired’

What board members do for their companies

Florida needs strategy to encourage exports

Why, when and how to take the big risks

Ins and outs of leasing your commercial space

What to do when it’s time to be productive

So, you say you have an idea for a business

Hiring choices can determine your fate

To succeed, you must see your way to goals

Monitor warning signs and be ready to act fast

Reverse-engineering your marketing plan

How your accountant can help you succeed

How to work with an accountant, Part One

Know your destination and people will follow

Lights, camera, action: Promote your business

Why can’t employees think more like a boss?

It’s time to give your business a tune-up

Achieving world-class customer service

Culture: it’s not in ledger, but it affects the bottom line

With eyes on your future, start by writing your obituary

Small-business owners must know branding

Figuring out when it’s time to fire customers

Why ‘Don’t reinvent the wheel’ is bad advice

Cash flow, and ways to avoid selling your car

My tips for networking with LinkedIn

Business negotiations’ goal should be win-win

How to know what to charge for a bologna sandwich

Selling the company for maximum value

Six strategies to use to exit your business

Finding manager yang for your start-up yin

A few ways to find out what you don’t know

Sizing up competition and share of market

When should you scale your company?

So you think you want a partner? Ask this first

Intellectual property and the small business

Creating quality is hard … but worth it

Make your meetings amount to something

Control your days: Know urgent vs. important

Hell is being a slave to a losing business

On minimum wages and maximum results

A winning mindset for athletes, and you

Why business plans come in two flavors

Mastering networking … and the hand-off

Your business will die. ‘When’ is the big issue.

You should have to do – and to don’t – lists

Success means being a good plate spinner

Tips, and lots of them, for small businesses

CEO without a board? Consider a roundtable

Jerry Chautin passes small-business baton

Meet Dennis Zink, the ‘New Jerry’


DENNIS ZINK: Workdays Revisited, Part 2: Wood Floors

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