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August 10, 2017 Posted by Dennis Zink

374 The Business Alchemist columns (formerly Business SCORE Card) from Business Weekly, Herald-Tribune are found in the first link on the left.

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15 SCORE Business TV shows (below) are hosted by Dennis Zink “The Business Alchemist.”

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SCORE Business TV is Hosted by Dennis Zink “The Business Alchemist”

SCORE Business TV show links below:

15 Communicating More Effectively

14 Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Benefits

13 Taking on Business Partners

12 Avoid Cyber Attacks!

11 SEO – Search Engine Optimization

10 Social Media for Non-Techies

9 Client-Mentor Experience

8 Credit- Finding your Best Lender

7 Buying a Franchise

6 Buying a Business

5 Exiting Your Business Series: The 10-Steps continued

4 Exiting Your Business Series: The 10-Steps to Exiting Your Business

3 Exiting Your Business Series: Business Valuation

2 Exiting Your Business Series: Cashing In

1 Active Shooter


FAQ.Video is our newest initiative. It combines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with video (YouTube) short answers.  Having FAQ’s on your website provide branding opportunities to *showcase your company’s voice *display knowledge about your products and services *help customers make decisions to buy from you by answering their common questions *provide additional links leading customers to relevant information *frees up your customer service team since the most common questions are online to read or to watch (FAQ.Video).

Search engines see FAQs as high-level information sources, improving your SEO results.  Video has a big impact on sales, showcasing products in action, asking for input, introducing staff, demonstrating product use and testimonials. FAQ.Video provides storytelling by humanizing the content. Videos earn the highest rate of engagement.  Fifty-nine percent of executives would rather watch video than read text while four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product then read about it. Eighty percent of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. Here are two links from the SCORE Business TV Show on Buying a Business.  Watch the entire TV Show and call SCORE for more information.

Below are the two links: (This is in BETA)

  1. How to make an offer to buy a business:
  2. How important is having experience in the business space/industry:

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________These videos are on the SCORE Business TV YouTube channel.

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