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SCORE to go national with podcast developed by Manasota chapter – 25-Feb-14

February 25, 2014 Posted by Dennis Zink

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CentRE of Influence is what it is

January 24, 2014 Posted by Dennis Zink

CentRE of Influence is exactly what our name implies it is, namely, a website to influence the behavior of others in a positive, meaningful way.

(According to Webster)

CentER is the middle point or part of something: a person or thing that is causing a lot of interest, argument, etc.: the position of a person or thing that is causing a lot of interest, argument, etc.

CentRE is a British variant of Center.  (We are using this version merely because CentER was already taken.)

Influence is the power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause changes without forcing them to happen: a person or thing that affects someone or something in an important way.

As a CentRE of Influence, our purpose is to reach the greatest amount of people with interesting information and affect behavior in an important way.  To inspire!

CentRE of Influence podcasts – As host of Been There, Done That! (available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio) a business episodic series of podcasts geared to provide expertise in a variety of topics.  Our goal is simply to help you, the listener, improve your business by learning from industry experts who have Been There, Done That!

Divergent and Convergent thinking:

As a past participant of a CEO Roundtable and a current facilitator of a similar CEO group, I have found that there are basically two ways to look at things, inside-the-box and outside-the-box thinking, basically convergent and divergent thinking respectively.

For example, a business owner may attend an association meeting of like-kind companies from different geographical regions, hence they are willing to share information as they are non-competitive. They will learn about how same industry companies do things in their similar businesses (best practices).  Let’s call this methodology inside-the-box. They look within their industry.

When business owners meet with different types of businesses, they discuss how they do things.  This may open new avenues of thinking in an expansive way across industry lines, Let’s call this methodology outside-the-box.  They look outside their industry.

CentRE of Influence interviews of industry leaders on Been There, Done That!,  seeks to inform listeners by drilling down on topics (convergent) and by asking questions which explore possibilities (divergent) on topics of interest.

If you like what you’re hearing on Been There, Done That!,  we would appreciate you giving us a rating and review on iTunes. This will help our podcasts reach an ever greater audience.

Thank you!

Dennis Zink, Host of Been There, Done That! with Dennis Zink




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